We are pleased and proud to announce that Sweet Design is one of them.

The PME Professional Diploma Courses & Masters Certificate are internationally recognized awards in the cake decorating industry.

These Diploma courses provide professional training designed specifically for those who are aiming to develop their sugarcraft skills, in order to create beautiful decorated cakes for either private or commercial purposes.

You can choose which course(s) you would like to do and in what order. You will be awarded a Diploma Certificate on full attendance and successful completion of the skills outlined in each course.
When you achieve all three diplomas, you will be awarded the PME Masters Certificate.



These courses are taught in both English and French, are intensive and fast paced, over more than 25 hours each.

A summary of the skills covered in each of the three PME Diploma Courses, together with our scheduled dates, are listed in their dedicated pages.
The course is open to a maximum of 6 students to guarantee the high quality of the teaching.


SUMMARY, for each independent module:

Duration: 4 full days

What to bring: Everything is provided!
All the tools are provided during the workshop : sugar paste, cakes, dummies, veined mat, basically any materials and equipments needed , as well as the transportation boxes.

On top of that, you will get a full Kit of genuine top quality PME products that you take home, and a course book.



You can also buy cake design quality tools in our shop at the end of the course.

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