Our cakes are custom made and require individual quotations.

The same applies to specifically designed cupcakes, push pops, cake pops and cookies.

An indicative list of our prices is nonetheless available here under.


The price depends on the design complexity and the structure.

The minimum price for a cake order is 120€.

The price varies between 9€ to 19€ per portion.

Minimum portions for cakes:

• 1 tier: 12 portions

• 2 tiers: 30 portions (round)

• 3 tiers: 50 portions (round)

It is also possible to add cake dummies to give the illusion of a bigger masterpiece


NB: We do not make sculpted 3D cakes, nor number cakes.

Price for sugar toppers

– Figurines and other toppers: starting from 30€

– Stilettos: starting from 50€

– Flowers – hand crafted petal by petal: starting from 35€ a flower for simplified models, starting from 50€ a flower for more realistic models

– Bride & groom couple figurines: starting from 65€


– Cupcakes: 4,00€ (min. 12x)

– Themed cupcakes: starting from 5€ (min. 12x)

– Mini cupcakes: 2,50€ (min 24x)

– Themed mini cupcakes: starting from 3,50€ (min. 24x)


Decorated cookies: starting from 3€ (min. 12x) +0,50€ for individual packaging


EDIBLE PRINTS: starting from 10€ per page – A4 size

Printing of your files as they are (PDF or Microsoft Word only).

If any editing work is needed (combine many pictures is one, add text, etc.) an additional charge of minimum 15€ will be applied.