Why choose Sweet Design?

Sweet Design cakes are exceptional and unique. Each project is especially designed with the utmost love and care that deserves to be

the core of all your celebrations. We will work with you to meet your expectation and more!

Moreover, we bake all our products from scratch, with premium quality ingredients.

Our unique recipes are specially developed so that are beautiful creations also taste delicious

Can I suggest samples that are not on the website?

Absolutely! Please feel free to share your idea and we will make sure to put it into action! Sweet Design is dedicated to customize cakes to each individual! We love to take on new creative challenges. More times than not, we will be able to accommodate your request.

Can you create a cake design based on an invitation card? Absolutely!

If anything, the theme and invitation of your event will help inspire us to create a relative design! Many of our special event cakes are inspired from an idea that originates from the customer

What budget shall I expect?

Every order is unique, therefore a specific quotation must be made. However, you could get an indication on the pricing chapter of this website.

How does the ordering process work?

Once we agree on a design and a quotation, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit. We will then begin the planning and all the needed preparations. You will also be more than welcome to take part in the design if you have a vision in mind. Any information such as photos, pictures, colour schemes, etc., would be very useful in the design process. We want you to be satisfied, both taste and look!

Can I order just before the event?

In most cases, we could accommodate small orders of cupcakes up to two days before. However, theme cakes require planning, and a two to three weeks buffer is recommended

How far in advance to book a wedding cake?

It is advised to book at least three months in advance for a wedding cake to secure the date

What is Sweet Design’ payment policy?

After we agree on the price and you place an order, you will receive an e-mail confirming you the amount and pick up date. You will need to pay 50% upon agreeing and the remaining balance is to be paid upon receiving the cake/sweets. For wedding cakes, the remaining balance is to be paid two weeks before the event. In any case, your date will only be secured once we receive the deposit.

What is Sweet Design’s cancellation policy?

The 50% deposit is non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation after the cake has been worked on, it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay the total amount of the incurred expenses

Is everything in the cake edible?

Yes! However; on some occasions, dowels would be inserted to give tier cakes support from drooping down. Either way, we will inform you of anything that is not edible

Why are custom cakes more expensive than the others?

Having a unique, personalized cake created for you is a tailored service. We take a great deal of time creating the perfect cake which accurately reflects the theme, occasion and personality of the event

Every cake is a unique piece of art. As with any handcrafted tailored work, there is a certain price to pay

Can Sweet Design deliver my cake?

Wedding cakes can be delivered as they may need to be setup which is solely our responsibility.

For specialty cakes, we recommend you pick up your cake yourself upon appointment.

A quotation can still be made for any delivery request.

Beware, once the order leaves our shop, it is no longer Sweet Design’s responsibility for any damage that may occur